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February 2015
Short story competition 2015

“I feel the neglect, abuse or murder of any child in my gut... the anguish is both personal and universal.”*

The feature story this edition is harrowing and shocking for most adults, especially parents. It is, however, a must-read for any parent who wishes to know the reality their child may face at school, or elsewhere in recreation activities. In Australia, child abuse and child protection are currently the subjects of two Royal Commissions. I am honoured to be in a position to offer this short article by the highly respected and deeply committed academic and writer, Professor Freda Briggs. I urge you to read her article here.

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Jasper as a child

Photograph © Kate Elmes from 'Being Mummy'

Feature story

Children who abuse other children

by Professor Freda Briggs AO

I regularly receive emails from parents on the same subject: their children have been sexually abused by other children at school. This is a comparatively recent but increasing problem and one that parents and teachers are ill-equipped to handle...

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