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September 2014
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“To a teenager there’s nothing more embarrassing in the world than a mother.”*

Hard to believe that almost 13 years ago my son first entered the world, prized out of my womb, through a bloody incision, by gloved hands in the emergency suite. He was blue and silent and my heart almost stopped – until I heard the mewl and roar of a healthy infant. Now he displays teen ‘tude’ and is into stuff most boys his age enjoy. The grumps are usually resident in our house, but usually at least once a day, he will succumb to his mother’s hug or caress. Where did all the chaos of those years go?

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* Anon, from Mother’s Wit, Alison Vale and Alison Rattle

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by Simone Milne

The first time she turns red, your husband blurts forcefully, “Get in the car.” You whisper, “Oh God, oh God,” through half sobs as you race her to hospital. The second time she turns red you run with her in your arms to the GP clinic next door...

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Being a parent
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Hurtling from one day to the next, sometimes it feels like time just rushes by.

Parenting can be exhilarating, joyful, bittersweet, maddening or exhausting – sometimes a combination of all these emotions in one day! And then our babies leave home, flee the nest… it can be devastating, a blessed relief or both!

Parenting can also erode our sense of ourselves as creative people. Although a labour of love, raising children can be monotonous and isolating,

...that’s why we all need to express ourselves.

Parenting Express gives a voice to parents and others who care for children. If you write creative nonfiction, poetry or fiction about your experiences of giving birth and the challenges and rewards of raising the next generation, we want to hear from you.

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