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June 2015
Short story competition 2015

“You love them a little more when they’re asleep.”*

When my boys are asleep often feels like the only quiet time in our house. And it’s not like they’re babies or toddlers now – or noisy preschoolers asking non-stop questions. They are 10 and 13 and the age of bickering has begun with a vengeance. I might have thought it was bad at four and seven, but that’s nothing to what life is like now. Sometimes it’s a warzone but on rare occasions they’re each busy in their own little worlds and I can take a breath. I know it won’t last, but those minutes – along with the night-time hours – give me pause to recharge my batteries for the long haul that will be adolescence. It’s a new journey every day – and I still cherish it.

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* © Mother Wisdom, For Mothers By Mothers, Susie Cameron & Katrina Crook

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Harry at 8 weeks

Photograph © Anne‑marie Taplin

Feature story

Yes we can

by Joo-Inn Chew

Kaleidoscopic colours swam over the eager faces of the kids, as they danced to the song of their generation. They pumped passionate fists in the air, bellowing as one: BOB the BUILDER! Can we fix it? BOB the BUILDER – YES WE CAN!!!


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Being a parent
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Parenting can be exhilarating, joyful, bittersweet, maddening or exhausting – sometimes a combination of all these emotions in one day! And then our babies leave home, flee the nest… it can be devastating, a blessed relief or both!

Parenting can also erode our sense of ourselves as creative people. Although a labour of love, raising children can be monotonous and isolating,

...that’s why we all need to express ourselves.

Parenting Express gives a voice to parents and others who care for children. If you write creative nonfiction, poetry or fiction about your experiences of giving birth and the challenges and rewards of raising the next generation, we want to hear from you.

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