April 2017

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Annemarie Taplin with sons Harry and Georgie

I am a professional writer/editor in the corporate arena and the mother of two young boys, born in 2001 and 2004. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and postgraduate qualifications in Creative Writing. Although my work has been published too many times to count, it is my creative writing successes that I most value (including two novels-in-progress). Since having my first child in 2001, I have become passionate about writing that explores the responsibility, politics, joys and challenges of raising our next generation. My first parenting/gift book ‘Being Mummy’ was published in May 2007.


Anne-marie Taplin

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“I value every precious moment with my children – or at least I try to.”*

Living in the moment is such an integral part of being a mother. The world rushes by, and so does their babyhood, despite all that relishing, savoring and devouring. Watching some home videos of my three-year-old as an infant and toddler, I found myself enraptured, remembering those blissful times (clearly blanking out the bleary-eyed exhaustion). Even now that we are well out of the baby years and immersed in more challenging times, I take the time to pause, be still and cherish.

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* by Anne‑marie Taplin, author of Being Mummy