April 2017


So many feelings, experiences and challenges are integral to the whole experience of being a parent. We have to learn everything from scratch. Sometimes it helps to write about your feelings, to help us work through the minefield of our own family experiences and what we want to pass on to our kids. Sometimes it just helps to have some time out for self-expression.

At Parenting Express we value honesty; this is not the place for the sappy, trite versions of ‘family life’ that surround us. We want to share what it really feels like, on good days and bad.

Your words are welcome! Read what others have to say, then go for it and submit.


“I value every precious moment with my children – or at least I try to.”*

Living in the moment is such an integral part of being a mother. The world rushes by, and so does their babyhood, despite all that relishing, savoring and devouring. Watching some home videos of my three-year-old as an infant and toddler, I found myself enraptured, remembering those blissful times (clearly blanking out the bleary-eyed exhaustion). Even now that we are well out of the baby years and immersed in more challenging times, I take the time to pause, be still and cherish.

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* by Anne‑marie Taplin, author of Being Mummy