April 2017

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Submissions by email only, pasted into the body of the message with ‘Website Submission’ in the header. Do not send attachments. Spell-check and proof read your work. There is no limit on word length but preference will be given to material that is less than 3,000 words. If you are sending a birth story, title it with your first name, the name of your child and the year of his/her birth (eg, Anne-marie’s story of Harry’s birth, 2001). Anonymity is acceptable so let me know if you want to use a pseudonym to protect your privacy. Material is uploaded regularly so you can submit at any time.

Please note that Parenting Express reaches a global audience so try to minimise culturallyspecific references that may not be understood by most readers. If you feel your story needs these references, you could try listing them with brief definitions at the end of the piece. I edit the submissions to maintain regional spelling, so you may find some stories with realiZe, for example, and others with realiSe. Feel free to add a link in your submission to your own published material (in the parenting genre).


On the home page, I am happy to publish suitable photographs featuring parents and children. I’m interested in well-framed, clear, quality shots with thoughtful composition, in either colour or black and white. Send images as jpegs in low resolution, with file sizes no larger than 200K and name them with your surname.

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“I value every precious moment with my children – or at least I try to.”*

Living in the moment is such an integral part of being a mother. The world rushes by, and so does their babyhood, despite all that relishing, savoring and devouring. Watching some home videos of my three-year-old as an infant and toddler, I found myself enraptured, remembering those blissful times (clearly blanking out the bleary-eyed exhaustion). Even now that we are well out of the baby years and immersed in more challenging times, I take the time to pause, be still and cherish.

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* by Anne‑marie Taplin, author of Being Mummy